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Kirby Bag Sizes

ATTENTION: The Kirby Style F Functional Fit Bags Have Been Discontinued and Replaced by the Universal Fit Bags.

The NEW Kirby Universal Fit Bags are designed to work with both Twist-n-lock & F Style Kirby vacuum models. This includes all Generation, Ultimate G, G2000, G2001, Diamond Edition, Limited Edition, and ALL Sentria model vacuums. The style F "Functional Fit" & other CLOTH Allergen Reduction Filter bags are being replaced by the Universal Fit bags. They are the same bag, just the name has changed!

kirby-style-f Kirby Universal Fit Allergen Reduction Filters.
Features Kirby Micron Magic HEPA Filtration with MicroAllergen Technology. Available in 2 different sized packages: 6-pack (Kirby bag # 204811) and in a 2 pack (Kirby # 205811). These bags are white and fell like cloth. These filter bags meet the Carpet and Rug Institute certification for Indoor Air Quality. They are the best bag in terms of filtration available for all Sentria vacuums as well as all Generation and Diamond vacuums. They fit both twist style and F style adapters.

kirby-stylef Kirby Style F - DISCONTINUED
The Kirby Style F vacuum cleaner bag is made for Kirby Sentria vacuum cleaners that were made AFTER the year 2008. The cardboard on this bag has a very distinct design when compared to other Kirby bags. This bag will only fit Kirby Sentria models specifically designed to use a Sentria Style F, like the Sentria G10D model. The Style F Kirby bag is available in paper and synthetic cloth for better filtration. It will not fit older Kirby vacuums.

kirby-generationKirby Generation Bags
Kirby Generation series vacuum cleaner bags have a round cardboard hole and fit a number of Kirby vacuum cleaners, including the Kirby G6, Sentria (pre 2009), G5, G4, G3, Ultimate G, Diamond Edition, Limited Editions, G2000, G2001, and any Kirby vacuum that uses a Style 3 bag like the Heritage II and Legend series. This is the most common size of Kirby vacuum bag. Kirby improved the filtration of their vacuum bags over time and that's the only difference between a vacuum bag made for a Kirby G3 or G6. The more recent the Kirby bag, the better the filtration.

kirby-generationKirby Style 2 Bags
The Style 2 Kirby vacuum bag is only designed to fit the Kirby Heritage I. The Heritage II uses the Generation sized bag mentioned above. The hole in the cardboard of a Kirby Style 2 bag is oval in shape. The oval is top to bottom.

kirby-generationKirby Style 1 Bags
This bag is for the Kirby Tradition vacuum. The Kirby Tradition is over 20 years old. The Style 1 bag will not fit any other Kirby vacuum. The cardboard on the Style 1 vac bag has an oval shaped hole that goes east west.