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Kirby Common Parts

There is only one size Kirby vacuum cleaner belt. Kirby currently makes their vacuum belt with a knurled inside. They used to be smooth on the inside but it's the same size belt regardless. The current Kirby vacuum belt part # is 301291.


rollerKirby G5 and G6 Replacement Brush Roller
This brush roller actually fits all Kirby vacuums made AFTER the G4. This would include the Kirby Sentria, G5 , G6, G7, Ultimate G series, 2000 and 2001 Limited Edition models and the Diamond Edition vacuums. This brush roller has a magnet (works with the sensor on the head of your kirby to let you know when the roller isn't spinning). Make sure the magnet is on the same size as the indicator light when you install it. Kirby replacement part # 152503.

roller2Kirby G4 and G3 Brush Roller Replacement
Kirby G3 and G4 brush roller. Kirby replacement part # 156294. This brush roller can only be used as a replacement part for the G4 and G3 Kirby vacuum cleaners.

roller3Kirby Heritage and Legend Brush Roller
You need to check if the old roller has a magnet on it or not. There are 2 different rollers for the Legend and Heritage vacuum series. The magnet is the difference. The Kirby part # for the roller WITH the magnet is 152584. The roller WITHOUT the magnet is Kirby part # 152581. Does your vacuum have the green indicator light on the head? Check the head for the indicator light if you don't have the old roller available. If you have a light, then get the roller with the magnet.

roller4Kirby Tradition Brush Roll
This roller will fit the following Kirby vacuums: Kirby Classic 1CR, Omega 1CB, Classic 3, 2CB, 3CB. Kirby part # 152575. These vacuums are very old (over 20 years).

roller5Kirby D80 and model 513 Roller
This is another replacement part for a very old set of Kirby vacuum cleaners;Kirby model 513 and D80. Kirby part # 500505.


You might want to just buy the actual Kirby fan kit, which includes; a Kirby fan, a fan shaft and washers.

There are 2 different Kirby fans available and there seems to be a few part #'s out there. Both fans look the same so you need to pay attention.

Once size fan fits the newer Kirby vacuum cleaners, including the Ultimate G, Sentria, G6, G5, G4 and the G3.

The other size fan Kirby Tradition, Legend, and Heritage Fan 516, 517, 518, 519, 560, 561, 562, VII, D50, D80, 1CR, 1CB, 2CB, 3CB, 1HD Heritage, 2HD Heritage, Legend and Legend II.

How can you tell the difference. Every store we checked listed at least some of the vacuums that each fan fit. Being aware that there are 2 different fans that look very similar will prevent you from just assuming the fan in a picture at an online vacuum store is the right one.

Kirby Vacuum Cords

You should inspect your vacuum cord whenever you are wrapping it back up as you are putting your vacuum away. It is important that the cord does not have any bare wire exposed. This could occur if you run the cord over while you are operating your vacuum. If you run over the cord and notice any exposed wire, unplug the vacuum cleaner and stop using it immediately.

Kirby vacuum cords are extremely easy to replace. They plug into the bottom area of your Kirby vacuum. The vacuum does not need to come apart. Most vacuum cleaner shops will not even repair a vacuum that has a damaged cord unless the owner agrees to replace the cord. It is unsafe and very easy to remedy. This is not a repair that requires a vacuum professional.

Below is a list of Kirby vacuum cleaner models and the Kirby part # of the cord that is designed to fit that specific Kirby vacuum cleaner:

505 and D50 - 192062
D80 - 192067
1CR - 192069
Omega 1CB - 192073
2CB - 192076
3CB - 192079

Heritage - 192081
Heritage 2 and Legend - 192084
Legend II - 192088

G3 - 192092
G4 - 192096
G5 - 192097
G6 - 192099

Ultimate G - 192001
Sentria - 192006

Kirby Vacuum Bags

Some Kirby vacuum bags will fit more than one particular Kirby Vacuum Cleaner. Kirby Style 1, Style 2, and Kirby Style F bags are all designed to only fit specific Kirby vacuums. Kirby Style 3, G3, G4, G5, G6, Diamond Edition, Ultimate G and Sentria bags for Kirby vacuums made before 2009 are all the same size. The difference is Kirby has improved the filtration abilities of the replacement bags over time. If you have a Kirby vacuum that uses a Kirby G3 bag for example you could use a Kirby G6 bag which has better hepa filtration.