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Kirby Maintenance

It is not unusual for a Kirby vacuum to last for 20 years or more. We are not saying you should expect it but based on the sales volume of older Kirby vacuum cleaner bags it's obvious. Kirby vacuum cleaners don't wear as quickly as their competitors due to their heavy duty contruction but some basic maintenance is required to keep your Kirby vacuum performing at an efficient level.

Kirby vacuums are pretty heavy and they might feel unbreakable. That is true to an extent but moving parts wear on even the best products. Kirby vacuum cleaner parts can and will wear over time and will require your attention on occasion. Most vacuum cleaner repair shops can perform the maintenance for you if you do not feel comfortable doing so yourself.

Your Kirby vacuum belt and brush rollers need to replaced periodically. A Kirby vacuum cleaner belt should be replaced every 2 to 3 months to a year. Kirby vacuum belts will stretch out over time and your vacuum will clean your carpet less effectively as a result. Don't wait for it to break. Kirby only makes one sized belt so if it says it fits Kirby it fits your Kirby. A neglected vacuum belts is the most common inhibitor of performance on a Kirby vacuum.

Inspect the Kirby brush roller every couple of months. Check to see if the brushes are worn and remove any carpet fiber or hair from your brush roller. Between my 2 daughters, my wife and a new carpet I find that my brush roller tends to get bound up fairly quickly. Always unplug your vacuum cleaner before perform any maintenance. Hair and string can be removed with a scissor. As far as the brush roller goes you would benefit from changing it every 2 to 3 years.

Be careful what you vacuum. Pick up a small hard object with a Kirby can break or jam up the fan. Just be careful and don't challenge your vacuum cleaner to pick up any foreign objects.

Don't overfill Kirby vacuum cleaner bags. Overfilling the vacuum bag could lead to the vacuum clogging. Kirby isn't a difficult vacuum to unclog but it's not any fun being exposed to all of that debris either. This final tip probably falls a bit more under preventative maintenance but it is easy enough to follow and well worth it.

Follow all of the tips mentioned above and your Kirby vacuum should clean your carpets as efficiently and effectively as possible. The maintenance on a Kirby is minimal and relatively easy when compared to other vacuum cleaners. The maintenance on a Kirby is minimal and relatively easy when compared to other vacuum cleaners.