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Kirby Vacuums

Kirby Vacuums - Identification

Kirby makes a lot of different vacuum cleaner parts and accessories that may only fit one Kirby model or several. Before you buy any parts, supplies or accesories for you Kirby vacuum cleaner it is important to confirm which vacuum you have. Pay special attention to the outer vacuum cleaner bag and the vacuum handle in the pictures below. The outer cloth bags for most Kirby are a distinct color and pattern. In some cases the handle will contain the information you are looking for.

saniThis is a Kirby D80. It says Sanitronic on the head of the vacuum. This vacuum was originally designed to be a bagless vacuum. The model in the picture has a modified outer bag which allows it to use a vacuum cleaner bag. Old Kirby vacuums like this were commonly modified by vacuum shops to use a Eureka F and G bag, which fills from the bottom and the bag is secured by a spring.

K_traditionalThe Kirby Tradition is the oldest series of Kirby vacuum cleaners that was designed to use a disposable vacuum cleaner bag. The Kirby Tradition vacuum uses the standard sized Kirby vacuum belt. It utilizes a Style 1 bag by Kirby. The Style 1 only fits very old Kirby vacuum cleaners. The Kirby vacuum in the picture is the Tradition 3-CB. Unlike most Kirby vacuums, the Tradition has different models numbers, but the bags and belts are the same size. The model number is important when you are trying to locate a replacement brush roller or other miscellaneous Kirby parts.

Kirby Generation Series

K_G3The Kirby Generation 3 aka. Kirby G3 is the first of the Kirby Generation series. It was the first Kirby vacuum to feature an automatic transmission. The Kirby G3 vacuum cleaner is clearly marked "Generation 3" on the front of the outer vacuum cleaner bag. Notice the bag is grey and striped. The handle doesn't tell you anything on this vacuum.

G4The Kirby Generation 4 aka. Kirby G4 is clearly marked G4 Tech Drive on the handle. You will also notice "Kirby Micron Magic Filtration" located at the top of the outer bag area. You can also see the very dark and distinct color and pattern of the outer cloth bag.

G5The Kirby Generation 5 aka Kirby G5 can be identified by the handle. It says "G 5 performance Kirby". The top of the outer bag also says Kirby Micron Magic Filtration. The color and pattern of the Generation 5 is unique to this vacuum cleaner.

The Ultimate G Series

ultimateThe Kirby Ultimate G series was introduced after the Generation Series and shares some replacement parts and supplies with the Kirby Generation 6 vacuum . If you are shopping online for Kirby parts and don't see any parts with Ultimate G in the title (like bags) look for a reference to the Kirby G6 in the title. If the part in question fits the Ultimate G it should be noted in the product description.

The Kirby Ultimate G vacuum cleaner is predominantly grey with some yellow. It says "The Ultimate G Kirby" on the vacuum cleaner handle. This outer vacuum cleaner bag color and pattern is distinct to the Kirby Ultimate G.

diamondThis model belongs to the Ultimate G family. It says "Diamond Edition" on the handle and you will probably see Kirby Diamond Edition series referenced in several part descriptions. Notice the outer bag has the same colors as the Ultimate G vacuum but has a different pattern. The Diamond Edition will utilize the same roller, bags, and attachments as the Ultimate G vacuum.

G2001The Kirby G 2001 Limited Edition is basically very similar to the Ultimate G series. The handle of this vacuum cleaner is very distinct as is it's dark color scheme. This vacuum will utilize the same size vacuum cleaner bags, roller, and belt as the Ultimate G.